Friday, November 25, 2011

5 Questions with… Amber Nelon Thompson

The name “Nelon” is one of the select few names that, at its very mention, people know exactly who you are talking about. “Goodman” is another. The patriarch of the family was Rex Nelon, who sang with the LeFevres and then started his own group, the Rex Nelon Singers. This group would later become the Nelons. After Rex’s death in 2000, his daughter Kelly assumed the reins of the group. The group now consists of Kelly, her husband, Jason Clark, and her daughter, Amber Nelon Thompson. The focus of today’s post is Amber.

I still remember Amber singing “Jesus, I Heard You Had a Big House” on the “Heaven” Gaither Homecoming video. Another of my favorite performances of hers is on the 2010 CD “Beside Still Waters”. When she stretches that note out on “I’m Going Home with Jesus” to bring ‘em back for the reprise… Wow! Amber is one of several exciting young artists that will be the future of Southern Gospel music, and she was kind enough to answer my questions. Thanks, Amber!!

5 Questions with Amber Thompson
Q: How did you get your start in Southern Gospel music?
A: Well, my family has been doing it for 35 years so it was pretty easy for me to get started in it. I was born into it! I became the soprano singer in 2001 after the soprano at the time decided to come off the road so she could get married!

Q: Growing up, did you always want to be a singer? If not, what were your career aspirations?
A: As long as I can remember I have always wanted to be a singer. It was always a dream of mine to sing with my family! I have recently, though, gone to school for a counseling degree for children so I can do that during the weeks that I am home!

Q: What is your favorite hymn and/or what is your favorite Southern Gospel song?
A: My favorite hymn has always been Be Thou My Vision. What a great song! The words are written so perfectly and the haunting tune makes it stay with you! My favorite southern gospel song would have to be My God Will Always Be Enough by Karen Peck and New River!

Q: If you could be a part of a trio or quartet with any current or former Southern Gospel singers, who would you choose to sing with?
A: Honestly I don't know! I like all the groups but I would always have to pick my family! I wish I could go back to the Nelons 80's era because I loved the songs that came out then and also so I could be able to sing with my grandfather!

Q: What is your favorite verse of Scripture?
A: John 3:30
-He must increase, but I must decrease! I keep that in mind especially with what I do!

Answers may have been edited for clarity and/or grammatical correctness.

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