Friday, November 18, 2011

5 Questions with... Penny (Greene) Shelnut

The Chuck Wagon Gang has been around for seventy-five years, but I’ve only been listening to their singing for a fraction of those years. I enjoy their current lineup, but my all-time favorite CWG lineup, going by only the ones that I’ve actually heard sing, is Stan Hill, Penny Greene, Julie Hudson, and Dave Emery. A few months ago, Penny Greene became Penny Shelnut when she married Dixie Echoes baritone/bass player Randy “Scoot” Shelnut. She’s been off the road with the CWG for a few years now, but she traveled and sang with them for a few months earlier this year after Shaye Smith had her baby. Penny is one of my all-time favorite singers, and I was especially glad to receive her reply to my questions. Thanks, Penny!!

5 Questions with Penny Shelnut
Q: How did you get your start in Southern Gospel music?
A: Born and raised in East Tennessee, Southern Gospel music was everywhere. My parents always listened and watched Mulls Singing Convention. I grew up loving it! Singing was always what I wanted to do and thankfully God opened the door to allow me to do it.

Q: Growing up, did you always want to be a singer? If not, what were your career aspirations?
A: Growing up I always sang in church and wanted to sing professionally. I was also active in sports and at one time wanted to be a sports analyst on ESPN. Also, wanted to coach basketball.

Q: What is your favorite hymn and/or what is your favorite Southern Gospel song?
A: Favorite songs/hymns are It is Well, Under His Wings, and He Leadeth Me.

Q: If you could be a part of a trio or quartet with any current or former Southern Gospel singers, who would you choose to sing with?
A: Since my husband travels full time, I would want to be with the Dixie Echoes. But, since they are an all-male quartet, I'll just help sell product.

Other groups would be The Hoppers and Sisters.

Q: What is your favorite verse of Scripture?
A: Favorite scripture is Psalms 91. Love it!!!!

Answers may have been edited for clarity and/or grammatical correctness.

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